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Call me Dr. Chris
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08 May 2021




I just want to take a minute to welcome you to my NEW website! I just finished my Ph.D. in Public Administration, and I’m looking forward to continuing my public service. I serve as the President of ASPA Michigan Capital Area Chapter. ASPA is the American Society for Public Administration. ASPA is the most prominent group advancing public service in the United States through networking, academic presentations, conferences, and shaping the dialogue on public service in America.

I am excited to see what the next chapter holds for me, as I have just finished my college education. I have been enrolled in college continuously for the past 14 years over five degree programs, and it is nice to now be a doctor!

Thank you for reading! I will try to post engaging content on public service and current events. Please check out my social pages.

Thank You,

Dr. Chris Surfus, Ph.D.

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